Storm Hector Whips Twitter Into Frenzy As Brits Mock Deadly Weather Warnings With Hilarious Memes


STORM Hector is all set to batter the UK with 70mph gales – and the nation is armed with its infallible sense of humour to get us through the dark days.

Dozens of memes have popped up across social media reminding Brits to “hold on to yer breeks” as Britain braces itself for a washout.

Scotland is ready to take on Hector – with bagpipes and an old faithful Storm Hector, winds are expected to reach up to 70mph as the storm begins to sweep across western Ireland before blowing across Scotland

Images from popular French children’s show Hector’s House have been popping up, with many users opting to use Hector the Dog’s impassive face as the face of the storm.

One tweet, merely tagged #StormHector, shows the TV pup with a mildly startled expression alongside his smug cat and a frog that looks far too pleased with himself.

In another, a tweet showing Hector the dog dressed in Scottish tartan and armed with bagpipes issues a warning: “#StormHector is blowin’ in tomorrow. Haud onto yer breeks!”

The pup’s impassive face says it all really

This tweet from BBC Weather presenter Jen Bartram reminds us to hang on as it’ll be windy

While another Scot takes the bad news in his stride, saying: “I’ll be a particularly annoying old #StormHector.”

The storm’s namesake dog isn’t the only one making Twitter headlines as Scotland turns up the mockery levels.

Twitter user ColliesandCakes quipped: “#StormHector is trending and heading our way here on #Skye yet the first thing that came to my mind was Hector the Hedgehog from Jigsaw – think I need a lie down #showingmyage.”

Another Scottish meme making a subtle mockery of the weather warnings

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