Spoiler: Johnny Vegas Eats A Block Of Butter And Downs A Pint Of Tzatziki In Shocking Dare On Celebrity Juice


JOHNNY Vegas ate an entire block of butter and downed a pint of Tzatziki in tonight’s episode of Celebrity Juice.

The comedian, 47, was branded a “superhero” by host Keith Lemon after completing the challenge.

Johnny Vegas ate a block of butter and down a pint of Tzatziki in tonight’s Celebrity Juice

Johnny was taking part in the ‘UK and EIRE’s Got Secret Skills’ segment of the show.

After being given the choice of either eating the butter or drinking the Tzatziki, he bravely chose to do both.

Reading from the autocue on the screen, Johnny said: “My name is Johnny Vegas from St. Helens and my secret skill is that I can down a pint of Tzatziki or eat a whole block of butter.

“The choice is mine.”

Keith then asked: “What’s he gonna do?”

Johnny ate a whole block of butter

Johnny then said: “I’m going for both.”

He picked up the large block of butter first and began scoffing it, making the audience scream

He then moved on to the Tzatziki, and co-hosts Fearne Cotton and Holly Willougby could be seen squeaming in the background.

As he finished the gross challenge, Keith shouted: “Johnny Vegas, he’s a superhero!”

The comedian also drank a pint of Tzatziki

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