Sony Finally Orders End To Production Of Playstation Vita Games


PLAYSTATION Vita fans in Europe and the US have always felt pretty neglected compared to their Japanese counterparts.

Today, the final insult came; Sony has told all developers outside of Japan to stop submitting code for production onto the system’s gamecards.

AFP The Vita was launched in 2011 and 2012 with a massive marketing machine behind it, but never quite lived up to expectations

Persona 4: Golden was one of a very small number of must-have PS Vita exclusives — and so a solid contender for the title of Best Game No-One’s Played

The PlayStation Portable follow-up still has a pretty devoted following in Japan where it has received solid software support, but it never really took off commercially outside of the island nation.

The Vita’s launch in 2012 coincided with the rise of smartphone and tablet gaming, and within a couple of years the portable console had become the red-headed stepchild of Sony’s line-up.

It was occasionally let out of the attic for a welfare check at the end of big briefings, but mostly it was just in the corner weeping about the absurd cost of its own memory cards.

Kotaku reports that Sony Europe and their American counterparts have told developers that all production of cards should stop by 31 March next year, and that all code requests should be submitted by June 28 this year.

Getty Images – Getty The original Vita was meant to be all about the games, but really lacked any ‘killer’ titles with mainstream appeal

Sony Sony did try and revitalise the system with a slimmed-down version, but even that wasn’t enough to save it

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