Small Child Casually Smokes A Cigarette As He Is ‘told Off By His Mum’ In Shocking Footage


SHOCKING footage shows a toddler casually puffing away at a cigarette – and totally ignoring his scolding mother.

The disturbing clip features a small child – who looks to be around three years old – taking several deep drags on a cigarette as if addicted.

Staring dejectedly at the camera, the tiny tot appears completely oblivious to the loud scolds of a woman admonishing him.

Filmed in China, the bizarre clip shows the moody-looking toddler wearing a Daisy Duck sweater with white trainers and black trousers.

He peers gloomily at the camera, refusing to respond to his increasingly frantic mother.

The bizarre clip shows a small child exhaling while a woman shouts angrily at him

The tot looks moodily into the camera

It’s not the first time the phenomenon of smoking children has outraged the internet.

In 2010, the story of two-year-old chain smoker Ardi Rizal shocked the world when his 40-a-day addiction first came to light.

The Indonesian youngster has kicked the habit since then and images circulating online appeared to show him as a much healthier eight-year-old.

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