‘sadistic’ Killer Filmed Himself Slaughtering Pal And Then Messaged Boss To Say ‘i Missed Work Because I Murdered Someone’


A THUG who hummed the Terminator theme as he stabbed a pal to death told his boss he couldn’t come to work as he had just murdered someone – before sending a picture of the mutilated corpse as proof.

Twisted Ian Robertson, 33, slit Robert Sempey’s throat four times before stabbing him in the head at home in Haydock, Merseyside, after they returned from the pub together.

PA:Press Association Sick Ian Robertson, 33, whistled the Terminator theme as he butchered his victim

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Robertson then took out his phone to film himself taunting his stricken pal.

Cops swooped to arrest Robertson when employer Anthony Millard handed over details of a WhatsApp conversation he had with the killer.

Mr Millward messaged: “Is everything OK mate? Alex said that you wasn’t in work today because of a family emergency? X”.

Robertson replied: “If you want the truth mate, I murdered someone in my house last night so now need to fix it. XXXX”

PA:Press Association Robert Sempey’s throat was slit four times before he was stabbed in the head

Robertson then sent a graphic photo victim’s blood-stained body as proof.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, Mr Sempey’s sister Michelle wrote: “He was a funny, loving father, brother and uncle.

“We were all that close that when we hadn’t heard from him by the Saturday myself and Mandie (other sister) knew something bad had happened to him, we could feel it.

“The day we found out what had happened destroyed my family – the Three Amigos became two. I had to explain to my four children that their wonderful, loving uncle had been murdered and was never coming home.

PA:Press Association Robertson’s girlfriend Kirsty Jervis, 31, was jailed for two years and eight months for helping move the corpse


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