Royal-hating Kensington Mp Says Public Shouldn’t Fund Harry And Meghan’s Wedding – Even Though The Couple Are Paying For It Themselves


KENSINGTON’S royal-hating MP has blasted Harry and Meghan for supposedly forcing the public to pay for their wedding – even though the couple are funding it themselves.

Emma Dent Coad – notorious for her slurs on Harry’s military service – claimed taxpayers are shelling out for “this wedding of two beautiful, rich, young people”.

BBC Labour MP Emma Dent Coad has criticised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over their upcoming wedding

The outspoken Labour politician suggested the prince and his fiancée should shoulder the bill for the police on duty in Windsor on Saturday.

When the couple got engaged last year, they made it clear they would pay all the expense of the actual wedding.

That includes the ceremony, reception, decorations and their wedding outfits.

But the cost of security to handle the spectators expected to flock to Windsor will come out of the public purse.

AP:Associated Press The couple are getting married at Windsor Castle on Saturday

Ms Dent Coad posed with anti-royal pressure group Republic outside Parliament last night alongside the SNP’s Tommy Sheppard.

She said: “The taxpayer is expected to pay £30million towards the security element of this wedding of two beautiful, rich, young people who are very much in love.

“I’ve got no problem with them getting married – it’s very sweet, very romantic if you’re into that kind of thing – but I don’t understand why the taxpayer is expected to pay for the security for this event.

“If they want to have this event driving around the streets of Windsor so that people can look at them, they should fund that themselves.”

The £30million figure is an estimate from a consultancy – security for William and Kate’s 2011 wedding cost around £7million.

Ms Dent Coad posing outside Parliament with members of anti-royal pressure group Republic

Republic boss Graham Smith added: “If the royals don’t want to pay a big security bill they could have had a private wedding in Sandringham or Balmoral.

“Instead Harry has decided to turn his wedding into a public parade, costing the taxpayers millions.”

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