Nigella Lawson Takes A Swipe At Reality Tv Cooking Shows Claiming They Make Audiences ‘fraught At Home’


TELLY chef Nigella Lawson has taken a swipe at reality TV cooking shows.

Nigella, 58, branded most cooking programmes unhelpful because their flawless editing makes viewers “fraught at home”.

BBC Nigella Lawson, 58, has taken a swipe at reality TV cooking shows for their ‘flawless editing’

She said: “People are meant to be pretending that their home kitchen and table is a restaurant kitchen or table.

“And they should be producing food that requires a great deal of technique and is plated individually.

“That would make anyone get fraught at home.

“I wouldn’t want to do that.”

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Nigella, who has made ten cooking series on the BBC, insisted she makes programmes with her “lousy chopping” to show viewers the reality of making their own meals.

Speaking to podcast Salt + Spine, she added: “What’s affected people in a way that I find unhelpful is television, more than anything else. Which is why I feel it’s important that I make television programmes with my lousy chopping and so forth.

“One, because people see everything looking so flawless on TV.

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