Nfl Notebook Landry Has Sour Words For Dolphins Days


–A week after saying the Cleveland Browns’ quarterbacks are “a lot better” than what he had with the Miami Dolphins, wideout Jarvis Landry said he and quarterback Ryan Tannehill weren’t very close in Miami.

When asked if he’s surprised that Tannehill hasn’t reached out since Landry was traded to the Browns, Landry replied, “I’m not surprised. We didn’t really have a good relationship anyway, so I’m not surprised.”

“I wasn’t trying to look back in the rearview mirror,” he continued. “I’m focused on here and where we’re taking it here. I wasn’t trying to take a shot at (Tannehill). I understand how hard every guy in this NFL works, especially at the position, especially at the quarterback position. But at the same time, too … I give credit where credit is due.”

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