Mum’s Agony As Daughter’s Killer To Be Freed From Prison On Day Release Despite Refusing To Reveal Where He Hid Her Body


A DISTRAUGHT mum has told of her horror that the man who killed her daughter will be let out on day release – even though he has refused to say where the body is buried.

Helen McCourt was killed in 1988 when she was just 22 by Ian Simms and mum Marie has been campaigning for No Body, No Parole legislation.

Alamy Marie McCourt (centre) outside Downing Street in April with her petition

The Government has said it is considering the legislation which would keep murderers caged up if they refused to reveal where their victims were hidden.

But Marie has been told the former pub landlord Simms is being prepared for “escorted release on temporary licence” this month.

If two day trips go well, unescorted day release could be granted in June.

Marie, 74, said: “Simms has put us through hell for 30 years by refusing to say where my daughter’s body is.

Alamy Ian Simms, who killed Marie’s daughter, Helen, is in line for day release

“When I got the phone call last week, I was so horrified I couldn’t speak. For 30 years he has refused to face up to what he’s done. How can he possibly be deemed fit to rejoin society?

“The thought of him being released to dance on my daughter’s secret grave tears me apart.”

Helen disappeared on her way home from work.

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