Mma Fighter Drew Chatman Disqualified After Doing Front Flip Off Defeated Opponent’s Back


WINNING your first ever MMA fight is a fantastic cause for celebration.

Unfortunately Drew Chatman’s choice in celebration ended up costing him the victory he’d just achieved.

Twitter, @AXSTVFights Drew Chatman was disqualified after celebrating his first MMA win

Twitter, @AXSTVFights Chatman’s opponent Irvins Ayala was knocked out after attempting hammerfist on prone rival

In some of the most bizarre scenes you’re ever likely to see inside the cage, Chatman won his first bout after opponent Irvins Ayala knocked himself out.

As Chatman lay on his back, Ayala tried to throw a hammerfist but his chin caught the knee of Chatman on his way down and turned his own lights out.

After the referee waved off the fight and awarded the victory to Chatman, he stood on the back of his passed out opponent and attempted a front flip.

The completely unnecessary and disrespectful act landed Chatman – nicknamed ‘The Honorable’ – with a disqualification and handed the win instead to Ayala.


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Speaking to MMA Fighting, Chatman said: “I want to apologize to Irvins Ayala.

“He was a good opponent. And he brought the fight to me. And he had a lot of heart. It was not a good move on my part as a martial artist.

Twitter, @AXSTVFights Chatman stood on the back of his passed out opponent and attempted a front flip

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