Meghan Markle Asks The Queen Who Should Go In Royal Car First Amid Confusion In Cheshire


MEGHAN Markle has appeared to get tripped up by royal protocol on her first day out without Prince Harry.

The newest member of the Royal Family appeared to get confused as to who should get in the royal car first – eventually hopping in ahead of The Queen.

Meghan appeared to ask The Queen who should get into the waiting car first

The former actress could be seen consulting the Queen as they were walked to the waiting car.

But the 92-year-old didn’t seem phased, following the 36-year-old into the royal car.

It was a blip in what has already proved to be a successful day for Meghan as her first day of official engagements without her husband by her side.

Meghan appeared to dutifully follow the Queen through crowds, taking her lead as she chatted to excited young fans waiting in the streets of Cheshire.

Queen and Meghan Markle giggle as they share a joke in first joint public engagement

The newest member of the Royal Family then slipped into the car ahead of the Queen

The Queen then followed Meghan into the car

News Group Newspapers Ltd Meghan Markle appeared to follow The Queen’s lead today

It’s a surprising move – particularly after it was revealed the strict protocols Meghan would have to observe in her new role as royal.

Even on her wedding day – which is normally all about the bride – Meghan will have had to stop eating when the Queen did.

The Queen is said to rigidly follow the tradition to the letter, but other members of her family – like Prince Charles – aren’t so strict with themselves.

This isn’t the only tradition Meghan will pick up when she joins the Royal Family.

News Group Newspapers Ltd Meghan Markle stunned on her first day of official engagements without Prince Harry


©Max Mumby Meghan Markle and the Queen appeared to be getting along extremely well, sharing a joke as they sat side by side

Meghan appeared to be animated as she chatted to locals for the trip

Meghan Markle smiled as the Queen as they arrived for their trip to Cheshire today

She will have to start packing a black mourning outfit for all trips abroad, in case of the sudden death of a family member.

But despite the chaos of trying to navigate all the royal rules, Meghan today appeared to fit seamlessly in.

The Duchess of Sussex looked regal in a neutral dress by Givenchy paired with black accessories, standing demurely behind her new grandmother-in-law.

Meghan stunned in the neutral fitted belted pencil dress, featuring an unusual cape shoulder detail.

But she chose to have her hair down and forgo gloves for the day out.

The Queen herself made sure to stand out –  with today no exception to her love of signature bright block colours and matching hats.

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