Knife Killers Boast About Sickening Crimes On Social Media From Behind Bars


THREE knife murderers goaded their victims on social media from prison by boasting about their cushy life behind bars.

Thugs Sean Lynch, Joseph Chin and Tyrell Ellis are each serving a minimum of 12 years for their roles in fatal gang stabbings across London.

Instagram Killer Joseph Chin has been posting photos in jail from a smuggled mobile whilst serving a life sentence for killing Martin Dinnegan

But cops were last night investigating the trio over a stash of sickening online posts all sent from inside category C HMP Coldingley.

They included clips of them partying and smoking cannabis – while one even plugged a clothing line on Instagram.

Incredibly, it is the SECOND time cocky Chin, has been caught using social media inside prison by The Sun in less than two years.

After we raised the alarm, the cons were stripped of their privileges and moved to different jails.

Instagram Chin has been posting pics in jail from a smuggled mobile phone

PA:Press Association Chin stabbed schoolboy Martin Dinnegan to death in 2007

Last night the sister of Chin’s victim, 14-year-old Martin Dinnegan, told of her family’s “shock and disgust”.

Leanna, 17, blasted: “It doesn’t seem like he is being punished at all.

“He was supposed to be in prison as a punishment for what he did and gave his liberties taken away – but that hasn’t happened.

“He has access to the world’s biggest platform on social media. This is the second time we have had to find out he access to it.

Instagram The sister of Chin’s victim has blasted his posts on social media saying: ‘What punishment is he getting?’

“The first time we could say it was a mistake but now it is just a joke.

“He’s got a phone and having parties – what punishment is he getting? I pity him really, he has clearly not learnt anything from what happened.”

Chin, 26, of Finsbury Park, North London, was jailed for a minimum of 12 years in 2008 for stabbing Martin Dinnegan, 14, to death in 2007.

Instagram One of Chin’s photos posted from inside the prison

In 2016 we revealed how he was using Instagram, Snapchat and dating site PlentyOfFish from behind bars.

But last month he resurfaced on Instagram again, posting on his profile: “Dat black Chinaman’s back from da dead!”

In one photo, he posed with a spliff hanging from his mouth, captioning the picture, “Friiied” with smoke and laughing face emojis.

Underneath he wrote: “Think I need to take it easy on da ganjas #fried”

Not known, clear with picture desk Chin was jailed for life for killing a 14-year-old over a ‘dirty look’

Another message used the hashtag “#f***12” – a reference to his prison sentence.

Another lag Tyrell Ellis, now 28, was jailed for a minimum of 12 years in 2009 for his role in the “honeytrap murder” of Shakilus Townsend, 16, in 2008.

One clip shows him with Chin showing off their illegal iPhones, while another photo shows the pair posing last month under the caption “Wid bday boyyyz.”

Shakilus, 16, was lured to a cul-de-sac in Thornton Heath, South East London, by evil Samantha Joseph, 17.

Ray Collins He knifed Martin four times in the back

Once there he was set upon by Ellis, also from Thornton Heath, and five other thugs and cried out for his mum as he lay dying.

Sean Lynch, 28, from Hackney, was jailed in 2009 for a minimum of 17 years for murdering Bakari Davis, 24 in March 2008.

He posed in photos with Chin and Ellis and plugged their own clothing brand, called “Officiano Couture”, on Instagram.

One video showed cons rapping and dancing inside a cell in front of a banner for the makeshift fashion label last month.

Handout Tyrell Ellis who was found guilty of the murder of Shakilus Townsend at the Old Bailey

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