Justgiving Has Pocketed £200,000 Of Grenfell Tower Donations Meant For Survivors And Relatives


JUSTGIVING has pocketed £200,000 from Grenfell Tower donations, The Sun can reveal.

The fundraising site has kept hold of five per cent of the £4million given to help survivors and relatives.

Dan Charity – The Sun JustGiving has pocketed £200,000 from Grenfell Tower donations meant for survivors and relatives

London News Pictures Firefighter comforts survivor after terrifying blaze which claimed 72 lives

It has refused calls from Grenfell campaigners to give up its cut, which it says is for running and monitoring donor pages.

And it declined to respond to fresh calls on the first anniversary of the disaster.

Labour MP John Spellar said: “I understand that they need to cover their costs.

“But they should also recognise that making a significant profit isn’t why people give their money to charity and they should see sense and cough up.”

PA:Press Association JustGiving refused calls from Grenfell campaigners to give up its cut

AFP or licensors Emotional firefighters take stock after devastating Grenfell Tower fire

JustGiving, which allows people to raise money at the click of a button, takes its five per cent cut from every donation. It also charges charities a monthly subscription of up to £39. JustGiving did not respond to a request for comment.

The site justifies the rake-off by saying it helps “people raise more money, more efficiently”.

PA Archive Labour MP John Spellar says: ‘they should see sense and cough up’

Alamy Live News Theresa May apologised for not speaking to survivors on the day of the tragedy

Meanwhile, Theresa May said she didn’t realise how “absolutely shocking” the tragedy was until she saw the building first hand on the afternoon of the fire.

The PM repeated her apology for failing to talk to survivors after the blaze, which claimed 72 lives.

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