Instagram’s Cutest Couples Are Ditching Wedding Rings For Matching Tattoos


IT goes without saying that marriage is a life-long commitment.

But some happy couples have chosen to celebrate their wedded bliss by making yet another (almost) permanent commitment to each other – getting matching tattoos.

Why not ditch your wedding ring for tattoo symbolising your eternal love?

From the adorably dainty to the enormous ornate designs, newly-married couples on Instagram have chosen to declare their love with all kinds of body art.

Whether they settle on one design together or chose a general theme to follow, getting inked up certainly is one way to rebel against tradition.

A popular design that comes up time and time again is tattooing an eternity sign onto ring fingers as a creative way of symbolising everlasting love.

Adorably dainty and beautifully subtle, at least there’s no risk of a tattoo slipping off your finger as you do the washing up.

pantheoneventos/Instagram There’s no excuse for forgetting your anniversary with this tattoo

Matching commitment tattoos don’t get sweeter than this

If that doesn’t appeal, other couples have also rejected tradition by getting their wedding date tattooed in roman numerals over a standard gold wedding band.

This way, there is literally no excuse for forgetting your anniversary.

While this unique trend may not be to everyone’s taste, it certainly is one way of personalising your commitment instead of the same old gold ring.

Although we somehow can’t imagine Harry and Meghan following suit.

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