Incredible Moment Massive Tornado Rips Through Germany Destroying 50 Homes In Scenes Straight Out Of America’s ‘tornado Belt’


THIS is the horrifying moment an ultra-rare tornado injured two and levelled dozens of homes as it ripped through western Germany.

Shocking footage posted on social media shows the impressive twister advancing through open fields as hail sprayed the area on Wednesday.

Central European News 50 homes were damaged as the tornado ripped through western Germany

Authorities said some 50 houses were badly damaged by the tornado which hit the Viersen-Boisheim district, west of Dusseldorf, shortly before 6pm on Wednesday.

It was active for less than 15 minutes.

Police also said two people were injured including a 23-year-old man who was hit by a branch while getting out of his car in the village of Nettehal-Schaag.

A firefighter was also electrocuted in the Nettetal municipality but sustained minor injuries.

Trees and fences were all but flattened on the ground and many cars were damaged by fallen branches, pictures posted online show. A caravan was also thrown into a garden.

Central European News Caravans were sent flying by the high winds

Central European News Over a dozen homes were ruined by the ultra-rare tornado

Central European News A firefighter was electrocuted by a dislodged wire

Central European News A 23-year-old man was rushed to hospital after getting struck by a branch as he got out of his car

Central European News A specialist company was on site to clear the trees blocking access

Central European News Wednesday’s ‘very impressive tornado’ is the sixth one recorded in Germany so far this year

The motorway 61 near the Dutch border had to be temporarily closed because of debris, as were several lesser roads.

“After the tornado that left a trail of devastation in Viersen-Boisheim yesterday, the road maintenance had to close three access roads to the village,” the municipality of Schwalmtal posted on its Facebook page on Thursday morning.

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