How Old Is Matthew Kelly, When Did He Host Stars In Their Eyes, Does He Have A Partner And What Else Has He Starred In?


MATTHEW Kelly is a well known face on TV, thanks to his long career as an actor and presenter.

But what has he been in? And what is he up to now? Here’s what we know..

BBC Studios Matthew Kelly is a TV presenter and actor

Who is Matthew Kelly? What is his background?

Matthew Kelly (born David Allan Kelly, 9 May 1950) is an English actor and presenter.

Having been trained as a theatre actor, he shot to fame in the early 90s when he hosted several high profile TV shows.

These included Game for a Laugh and You Bet!

He is best known for being the host of the hit TV show Stars in Their Eyes from 1993 to 2004.

Rex Features Matthew is most famous for being the host of Stars In Their Eyes

What TV shows has Matthew acted in?

In the early 00s Matthew switched from TV presenting to acting.

He has starred in numerous West End shows, and also been in many TV series which include:

Bleak House Cold Blood Benidorm Egypt Casualty

BBC He starred in the BBC series Bleak House

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