How Old Is John Motson, What’s His Iconic Sheepskin Coat And How Long Has He Commentated On Match Of The Day?


JOHN Motson has one of the most recognisable voices in world football.

The legendary football commentator hung up his mic this weekend after covering Crystal Palace’s home clash against West Brom and has received a BAFTA TV 2018 special award…

PA:Empics Sport John Motson is the most recognisable voice in football

Who is John Motson and how old is he?

Born July 10, 1945, John Walker Motson is an English football commentator.

Since 1971, he has presided over 2000 games on television and radio and was awarded an OBE for services to sports broadcasting.

The 72-year-old has covered ten World Cups, ten European Championships, 29 FA Cup finals and more than 200 England games during his distinguished career.

Motson became the first UK broadcaster to be honoured with his own emoji to celebrate his legendary career.

PA:Press Association John Motson is renowned for regularly wearing a swanky sheepskin coat

What is his iconic sheepskin coat?

Aside from his fabled voice, Motty is also renowned for regularly sporting a stylish sheepskin coat.

He bought his first one when a woman at a party invited him into her garage and showed him a load of the woolly jackets on the floor.

These days he buys them from London’s Savile Row and in September 2017, John told The Sun: “I’ve just ordered a new one for this season, I thought I would get one more in.

“I will probably keep it for a couple of years, but won’t buy anymore after that.”

Since then, it’s become a staple of his attire and in January 2018, The Beeb icon revealed he forked out £2,000 for a new one:

“The last sheepskin,” he exclusively told The Sun, “full-length, so warm. It cost two grand.”

“I’ve always paid for my own. People think the BBC pay for them but they don’t.”

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