Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Eruption Forms Huge Jurassic Egg-shaped Cauldrons Spewing With Boiling Lava As Cracks Appear On Highway


HUGE Jurassic egg-shaped cauldrons spewing with boiling lava have emerged from the erupting volcano in Hawaii as cracks appeared on the island’s highway.

The steaming craters formed after Kilauea flung massive boulders hundreds of feet into the air, which then smashed open new gaps as they came back down to earth.

Caters News Agency Huge Jurassic-like craters have formed on the erupting volcano in Hawaii

Joseph Anthony trekked several hours to reach Fissure 16 in the Puna District of Hawaii’s Big Island to capture the images.

The photographer can be seen crouching next to the lava flow in a gas mask where he has been for nearly a week after he and a few others were allowed to stay in an evacuated property.

Experts are concerned Kilauea is in imminent danger of having a major eruption on the island and yesterday released a red alert.

But the warning didn’t faze everyone as golfers were seen teeing off against the backdrop of the volcano, which has been spewing 12,000ft ash clouds.

Caters News Agency The Jurassic egg-shaped cauldrons are continuing to spew boiling lava in prehistoric scenes

Caters News Agency The egg-shaped craters formed after Kilauea flung massive boulders hundreds of feet into the air

Caters News Agency Joseph Anthony trekked several hours to reach Fissure 16 in the Puna District of Hawaii’s Big Island to capture the images

Caters News Agency The surreal images show the molten lava bubbling underneath the cracks in the fissures

Caters News Agency A huge plume of smoke is illuminated by the erupting Fissures 16 and 17

Caters News Agency These incredible pictures were captured by Joseph, who has been staying in an abandoned house in the exclusion zone

Meanwhile, more earthquakes have caused further damage to roads and buildings – the strongest recorded around 8.30am measured a 4.4-magnitude on Wednesday.

The floor of the summit crater has also dropped about 3ft causing stress faults around the crater to move, resulting in the tremor – with more expected.

Police said cracks formed on a highway near the entrance to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 0 much of which remains closed.

Ken McGilvray, an area resident, said: “We’re all safe, and I wish they’d open the park back up, but they have to keep it safe for everybody.

EPA Cracks have started to form on one of the highways on the island

EPA Motorists travel over cracks in Highway 11 after a 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit the area near the entrance to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

EPA Police inspect cracks in Highway 11 after a 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit the area on Wednesday

“We live on a volcano!”

Hawaii Gov. David Ige said the state is forming a joint task force that could handle mass evacuations of the Big Island’s Puna district if lava from Kilauea volcano covers major roads and isolates the area.

Dense, large rocks roughly 2ft in diameter were found in a car park a few hundred yards away from Kilauea’s summit crater.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said in a statement this reflects the “most energetic explosions yet observed and could reflect the onset of steam-driven explosive activity.”

AP:Associated Press Lava spattering from an area between active Fissures 16 and 20

AP:Associated Press A plume of volcanic steam rises from the alignment of fissures in Hawaii’s Kilauea East Rift zone on Wednesday

AP:Associated Press An aerial view of Hawaii’s Kilauea East Rift zone as earthquakes struck the area on Wednesday

Scientists say earthquakes may shake loose rocks underground and open up new tunnels for lava to flow.

Local officials said that the volcano, which has been erupting for almost two weeks, could start firing “ballistic projectiles” amid “intensifying ash production.”

Nearly 20 fissures have opened since the Kilauea volcano started erupting 13 days ago.

On Monday, another fissure spewing lava and unhealthy gas opened up, and a crack in the Earth that emerged a day earlier was sending molten rock on a slow run for the ocean, officials said.

Getty Images – Getty People play golf as an ash plume rises in the distance from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island

Getty Images – Getty The volcano has been spewing ash clouds of up to 12,000ft

Getty Images – Getty The furious volcano has been erupting for 10 days

Caters News Agency Huge eruptions have taken place from Fissure 17 in the Puna District of the island Huge cracks open on Kilauea volcano in Hawaii sending out bursts of rock and magma with loud explosions

The eruption has destroyed about two dozen homes in the Leilani Estates subdivision on the Big Island.

Volcanic air pollution and ashfall have been reported in Pahala, and National Weather Service radar and pilots have reported the top of the volcano’s ash cloud is 10,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level.

In Hilo, Sandra Barnes told Fox News that she’d seen the ash cloud mid-morning between Pahoa and Volcano, Hawaii.

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