Fortnite’s Wailing Woods Chest – Where To Search For The Chests In The Week 4 Challenge


FORTNITE Fiends should be gearing up to complete the rest of the new Week 4 challenges, as one that players can become accustomed to now is searching chests in a specific location.

This week, it’s Wailing Woods and season three players will know that makes the challenge deceptively harder. Here’s the lowdown on the best locations…

EPIC One of the more straight-forward challenges this week is searching chests in Wailing Woods

Where to search chests in Wailing Woods?

This week’s challenge requires players to search seven chests in Wailing Woods, which is slightly more difficult given the place is not renown for its chest spawns.

The most obvious thing to do is land in the centre where at least five chests will be located around the structure however the popularity of this option means less experienced gamers should probably avoid this.

You’ll be better served to drop off in the southeast corner where there are several chests sprawled around abandoned cars.

Remember the chests don’t have to be collected all in one go so don’t get frustrated if you only manage to steadily open one per trip. This particular challenge is worth five stars.

EPIC The rest of the Fortnite week 4 challenges above

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