Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations – Where To Search And How To Complete The Tricky Week 3 Challenge


STRUGGLING to complete the Fornite Week 3 challenge to find all the Rubber Duckies? We’re here to help.

The ten ducks you need to complete the challenge are scattered across the map from the Flush Factory to Loot Lake — and you need to find all of them to wrap up this week’s challenge.

Reuters The Rubber Duckies scattered across the Fortnite map are, alas, a little harder to find than this mischievous chap

The locations of all the ducks, courtesy of Twitter user @thesquatingdog

Twitter user squatingdog has helpfully collated all the locations in one handy map that you can see above.

If you need a little more help than that, then there are several helpful YouTubers who have offered video guides showing exactly where each and every one is.

Happy hunting!

Below you’ll find all the latest details on the Fortnite Season 4 Week 3 Challenges, as well as some tips on how to complete them…

Epic Games The challenges have been leaked again ahead of schedule

What are the Fortnite Week 3 Challenges in Season 4?

The battle pass challenges for week 3 were leaked early thanks to the data miners at Fortnite Tracker.

For those who are new to Fortnite, the weekly challenges help you rank up quickly and unlock different outfits, gliders and emotes for your character.

If you’re hoping to get the tier-100 Omega outfit you will need to complete these challenges.

Here they are in full

Watch a Match Reply Deal Damage with Pistols to opponents Search Chests in Lonely Lodge Search Rubber Duckies Follow the treasure map found in Salty Springs (Hard) Sniper Rifle Eliminations (Hard) Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers (Hard)

Week 3’s Battle Royale challenges have been leaked!

When do Fortnite’s daily and weekly challenges reset?

The weekly challenges reset every Thursday, but the time depends on where you live:

In the UK it’s 9am (BST), in Europe it’s 10am (CEST), on the east coast of the USA it’s 4am (EDT), and on the west coast it’s 1am (PDT).

If you are still trying to complete Week 2’s challenges you can use our helpful guide.

Epic Fortnite has teamed up with Twitch

How to get your Fortnite Twitch Prime loot

The loot is exclusive to Twitch Prime members however anyone can pay to sign up.

Twitch is part of Amazon, meaning Amazon Prime members won’t have to worry about paying anything else.

Once you’ve activated Twitch Prime, log in TODAY, and link your Epic and Prime accounts.

The kit can only be claimed on one platform but then it can be shared across all accounts if you play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, or mobile.

The loot players will be able to claim are:

Exclusive Battle Royale Trailblazer Outfit: On the forefront of victory. Exclusive Battle Royale True North Back Bling: Find your way. Exclusive Battle Royale Tenderizer Pickaxe: Leave a good first impression. Exclusive Battle Royale Freestylin’ Emote: Tear up the dance floor.

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