Former Emmerdale Star Dominic Power Has Written And Directed A Film About Male Mental Health


WITH Coronation Street’s Aidan Connor taking his own life in tragic scenes on the ITV soap, the issues of male mental health and suicide have become a huge talking point.

And now ex Emmerdale star Dominic Power has written and directed a film which he hopes will highlight the complex nature of mental health and our own relationships with it.

Getty Images – Getty Former Emmerdale star Dominic Power has written and directed a film about male mental health called Blinds

The resulting film – called Blinds – was remarkably made with zero budget and began as a student project but has evolved into a moving examination of society’s attitude towards mental health and how we react to it.

It’s made up of four parts, each which follows one character suffering with a mental health issue over the same 48-hour period.

At times they unknowingly cross paths and two of the stories focus on male suicide.

Dominic, 45, who starred on the soap as killer Cameron Murray for three years, told us: “What I’m trying to say with the film is that we could all probably be a little more present and compassionate to those around us.

Coronation Street’s Aidan Connor suicide storyline has helped bring male mental health to the mainstream

“Maybe all it takes to help someone is to develop an understanding of how to really listen to someone.

“To be informed enough to direct someone to the right support if they need it.

“To be equipped to offer someone more than platitudes.

“The first three films you see the main characters each surrounded by friends, family or colleges. Yet no one has a clue what they’re going through.


ITV Dominic played killer Cameron Murray on the soap from 2011-2013

He added: “In the fourth and final short film a suicidal caller phones a radio station and is ultimately saved by the DJ. A stranger. In another part of the country.”

The hard-hitting scenes of Aidan, played by Shayne Ward, tragically taking his own life brought male mental health to the forefront.

Speaking on Loose Women last week, Shayne and co-star Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Aidan’s former fiancée Eva Price, revealed how the story had touched many nerves and already saved lives.

Rex Features Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Aidan’s former fiancée Eva Price, revealed on Loose Women on Friday how the story had already saved lives Corrie’s Shayne Ward and Cath Tyldesley reveal Aidan’s suicide storyline has saved viewers’ lives

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