First Claims Of World Cup Violence As ‘drunk England Fan Is Robbed And Beaten Up In Moscow And Gay Frenchman Left Disabled By Homophobic Attack’


AN England fan has been allegedly attacked in Moscow while a gay French supporter has been left with brain injuries following an assault, according to unverified reports.

The claims of violence in Russia, which are spreading on social media, have emerged as World Cup fans from around the globe arrive in the country.

PA:Press Association A large police presence near the entrance to Red Square, Moscow in the run up to the World Cup 2018

On Monday, an Englishman was allegedly attacked and robbed by five local men in the Russian capital, according to unsubstantiated claims online.

Social media channel Mash Telegram, which reportedly has links to Moscow police, claims the victim was led to a cash machine and forced to withdraw money.

The Brit was said to be so drunk that he could not spell his name to authorities, according to the unverified reports.

Speaking to cops, the footy fan reportedly said the robbers forced him to withdraw cash but “he doesn’t know how much – or simply could not explain it.”

Getty Images File picture showing Russian hooligans attacking England fans during the Euro 2016 tournament

A translator reportedly had to be called in to help with the investigation, according to the unsubstantiated reports.

No other details were immediately available about the alleged incident.

This follows more unverified reports that a gay man from France and a companion were allegedly viciously assaulted by two men in St Petersburg.

The alleged attackers reportedly offered to give the men a lift before beating them.

According to Telegram channels Operdrain and OperSlil, one of the victims, named as O Davrius, suffered head and brain injuries along with a broken jaw.

The unsubstantiated reports claim the attack has left the Frenchman “disabled”.

It is not clear what injuries the second person suffered in the alleged assault.

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