Fiancee Dumps Love Rat Who Had Affair With Cop’s Bodybuilder Wife Twice His Age


A LOVE rat fireman who had an affair with a cop’s wife almost twice his age has been dumped by his fiancée.

Chloe Whitehead, 24, ditched cheating Robert Billings, 28, days before their £20,000 wedding.

Chloe Billings was devastated after loverat Robert Billings ‘fessed up to affair with cop’s wife days before their wedding

She was devastated after he confessed to the seedy romps with bodybuilding mum-of-two Kath Parnell, 48.

A friend said: “Everyone was so shocked.

“Chloe is ­gorgeous and yet he cheated on her with a married mum-of-two who is nearly 50.

Who does that?

“He and Chloe were ready to get married and had spent £20,000 on their big day.

Robert Billings admitted to an affair and to romping with a policeman’s wife

Ben Lack Married mum of two Kath is nearly 50 nearly Billings’s age and had sex sessions with him in a supermarket car park

Ben Lack Kath’s cop husband, Chris, 49, went to Robert Billings’s home in Boroughbridge, North Yorks, to confront him over the affair

“This all came out and everyone has been in shock ever since.”

The affair, with romps in a Morrisons car park, came to light when Kath blabbed to a pal, as The Sun revealed yesterday.

Her cop husband, Chris, 49, went to Robert’s home in Boroughbridge, North Yorks, to confront him.

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