Eat Oily Fish Twice A Week ‘slashes The Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke – Omega 3 Pills Don’t Work’


EATING two portions of oily fish a week slashes the risk of heart disease and stroke, new guidelines say.

The likes of salmon, mackerel and herring cut the odds of a fatal heart attack by 50 per cent and stroke by 14 per cent.

Getty – Contributor Eating two portions of oily fish, like salmon, each week slashes your risk of a heart attack and stroke

But eating seafood more than twice a week gives no additional benefit, the world’s leading doctors claim.

Supplements containing the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids found in fish do not have the same effect.

And fried fish – as traditionally served by chippies – is also less effective than that which is baked or steamed.

The guidance has been published as a “scientific advisory” by the American Heart Association in the journal Circulation.

Getty – Contributor You’re 50 per cent less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack if you eat enough fish

They suggest substituting fish for meats that are high in “artery-clogging saturated fat”, such as burgers and sausages.

And they claim warnings about fish being contaminated with harmful mercury are overblown, because the benefits outweigh the risks.

Professor Eric Rimm, who chaired the guideline panel, said: “Since the last advisory on eating fish was issued by the Association in 2002, scientific studies have further established the beneficial effects of eating seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids.”

Tracy Parker, from the British Heart Foundation, said: “Oily fish, like mackerel, sardines or salmon, contain omega-3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation and blood clotting.

“But despite all the benefits of eating fish, we’re still swimming upstream when it comes to meeting the recommendations.

“On average, we only eat about one-third of a portion of oily fish a week.

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