Disney Princesses Illustrated As Career Women To Encourage Girls To Think Like Bosses


From a “Sleeping Beauty” who now runs a coffee company to two sisters from “Frozen” who become climate change scientists, one creative illustrator has taken the Disney princesses and re-imagined them as career women.

Matt Burt is a graphic designer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His work for Simple Thrifty Living usually entails business-style graphic design, he told “Good Morning America.”

This project, he said, “was unique and one that I enjoyed because it was a bit of a deviation from the norm. It allowed for a lot of creative freedom and an art style that I typically do not do in my day-to-day work.”

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingSnow White is re-imagined as a Leading Psychologist.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingAurora is re-imagined as a Coffee Company CEO.

Of the 13 princesses he magically turned into bosses, one stands out.

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“I would have to say that Jasmine is my favorite. Her job, in particular, stood out to me as a great fit for her personality. Also, her overall style for the artwork made her my favorite.”

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingJasmine is re-imagined as a U.N. Ambassador.

Burt said he understands the cultural significance of the Disney royalty.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingAriel is re-imagined as a Pop Star and Record Producer.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingCinderella is re-imagined as a Animal Rights Activist.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingMoana is re-imagined as a Officer in the Navy.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingTiana is re-imagined as a James Beard Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur.

“The Disney princesses are more than just characters to many people. They have become cultural icons and influential women that others look up to,” Burt told “GMA.”

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingRapunzel is re-imagined as a Neurologist.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingMulan is re-imagined as a Title IX Lawyer.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingBelle is re-imagined as a University Chancellor.

“Since they have such an impactful role in society, I felt that it was important to show them as strong women and women who are successful on their own,” he added.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingAnna and Elsa is re-imagined as Climate Change Scientists.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingPocahontas is re-imagined as Head of a Non-Profit Focused on Protecting the Environment.

Matt Burt/Simple Thrifty LivingMerida is re-imagined as a Two-time Olympian Archery & Equestrian.

He purposefully chose to show the princesses in traditionally male-dominated fields.

“I’ve had people from across the world messaging me and telling me how much the artwork means to them,” he said. “I hope these will serve as an inspiration for others to pursue their dreams.”

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