Arch Republican Jeremy Corbyn Reveals He Won’t Watch The Royal Wedding – But That He Might See Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Nuptials On ‘catch Up’


ARCH Republican Jeremy Corbyn has revealed he won’t be watching the Royal Wedding – but he might see it on “catch up”.

The Labour leader – who has lobbied for the abolition of the monarchy – revealed he will be too busy on Saturday to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials.

PA Arch Republican Jeremy Corbyn reveals he won’t watch the Royal Wedding this weekend

He is speaking at an economic conference in London so will not watch the happy couple walk down the aisle.

During Prime Ministers Questions today Mr Corbyn said: “I join the Prime Minister in wishing Harry and Meghan all the best, and I thank Harry for his work to highlight the need to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health.”

But speaking afterwards, his spokesman was asked if he would watch it on the television, to which he replied: “Well, there’s catch up isn’t there?

“We have various engagements and conferences that we are dealing with over the weekend.”

AFP The Labour leader revealed he will be too busy speaking at an economic conference to watch the happy couple walk down the aisle

He added: “But, as I say he welcomes the work they have done and wishes them all the best. We have got an economics conference on Saturday.”

Earlier Theresa May said: “I am sure that the whole House will wish to join me in offering our best wishes to His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their wedding this Saturday, and in wishing the very best for their future lives together.

“It is also Mental Health Awareness Week, and it is fitting that we mark Prince Harry’s tireless work to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges faced by service personnel making the transition to civilian life, including of support for their mental health.”

The Mega Agency It comes amid confusion over whether Meghan’s father Thomas Markle wold attend the ceremony

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