Anyone Could Be A Terrorist The Security Challenge For Harry And Meghans Wedding


LONDON – When more than 100,000 flag-waving, cheering royal fans gather for the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle next month, British police will be treating every one as a potential terrorist, prankster or royal obsessive.

Barriers to stop vehicle attacks, armed patrols, and airport-style security will be among the measures employed in what will be one of the largest police operations the picturesque town of Windsor has ever seen.

“It is a real challenge,” said Bob Broadhurst, a former police officer who was “Gold Commander” in charge of policing the 2011 wedding of Harry’s elder brother William to wife Kate.

“It is impossible to search tens of thousands of people who want to come and line the streets, any one of which could be a potential terrorist; someone who’s besotted with the royal family – and there are a number of those; or just an attention seeker.

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