14 Canada Geese Found Decapitated Mutilated


After finding more than a dozen Canada geese decapitated and mutilated in Toronto this week, police have launched an animal cruelty investigation.

The remains of approximately 14 dead geese were discovered Monday morning in an industrial area of north Toronto, on Clayson Road, according to the Toronto Police Service.

The birds had been brutally maimed, police said. Some were decapitated or had their necks snapped, while some had their wings and legs ripped off.

One young goose survived the attack and was brought to the Toronto Wildlife Center for treatment and rehabilitation. The “traumatized” gosling suffered two broken ribs and a puncture wound, the center said in a statement Tuesday.

Toronto Wildlife CentreThe Toronto Wildlife Centre published this image of an injured Canada gosling on June 12, 2018, saying that it was the sole survivor of an attack that killed 14 young geese.

Police do not believe the gruesome injuries were caused by another animal.

“The injuries did not appear to be consistent with another animal attack as the carcasses were intact,” the Toronto Police Service said in a statement Tuesday.

A joint probe with the Toronto Police Service and the Canadian Wildlife Enforcement Directorate is working to identify and arrest the person or people responsible. The investigation remained ongoing Wednesday, Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook told ABC News.

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